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For Members

Any person registered with Sura Images to buy content from the site.

To become a member you’ll first create an account with Sura Images. Click here to become a member.

Just like any other search engine, to find the right content for you on Sura Images you type in relevant keywords of content you’re looking for on the search bar and the results of your search will be displayed for you to choose.

For every content you want to buy, first, it has to be put on a shopping basket after which you check out for payment and it’s from here you choose your mode of payment either by card (MasterCard, American Express, Visa) or by bank (available banks are listed) or by mobile money.

Once your transaction is complete and verified which just takes seconds, you will get a download your package button on the site where once clicked your content is downloaded as a zipped file. After the download is complete you can unzip your download to get your content (files).

No. We are currently not offering free downloads on the site.

For Contributors

Any person registered with Sura Images to sells his/her content on the site.

To become a contributor you’ll first create an account with Sura Images. Click here to become a contributor.

All files contributor uploads should be of high resolution for the benefit of the buyer. See contributor’s agreement on the recommended file size for both images and footage under ‘submission of content’.

What sells best is content with high commercial value. Creative people look for the most popular subjects, such as business people, people at work, financial concepts, lifestyle and sport concepts, food and drink, healthcare, social issues and science and technology that has good storytelling outcome.

The way Sura Images works, it allows contributors to price their own work and every time it’s purchased, contributor gets 60% commission on each sale. The more content you have on the Sura Images site the higher the chances of selling more content.

Payments are made by 10th of every month and the disbursement is made based on the contributor preferred mode of payment which the contributor chooses during registration.

It means that you agree to sell your content on Sura Images only. Your content remain exclusive to Sura Images and you cannot sell them elsewhere unless there is termination of agreement between both parties. This agreement guarantee your content will be licensed with an extended license which is exclusive license which protect the value of your work as well as maximising your worth.

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